CH12 Automatic Paper cup making machine

 CH12 AutoPaper cup making machine

CH12 Paper cup making machine
AutoPaper cup making machine

The newly designed ZF-CH12 paper cup making machine is a fully automatic paper cup forming machine, which can produce different sizes of paper cups with a series of continuous process. It can work at the speed of 85pcs/min stably. As an medium-high speed machine, it gains the advantage of cost-effective and high capacity, which has the features of easy to maintain and operate, small diamensions, easy to change mold, auto-lubrication, gear-motor driving, PLC control.

Technical Specification:

Model ZF–CH12 Paper cup making machine
Paper Cup Size 2-16oz (mold exchangeable)60ml~475ml
Top Range 40-105mm
Bottom Range 35-80mm
Cup Height 35-130mm
Raw Material PE (polyethylene) film coated/laminated paper
Suitable Paper Weight 140-350gsm
Rated Productivity 80-90 pcs /min;
Power Source 220V/380V 50Hz or other required
Main Motor Power 2.2kw
Energy Consumption 6-7.5kw/h
Total Power 12KW
Total Weight 2500 KG
Package Size (L:W:H) 2900mm *1200mm *1780mm;
Working Air Source 0.5-0.8Mpa, Air Out-put:0.4 m3/minute
Air compressor is required as corollary equipment


  • PLC control system integrate all processing and operations.
  • Auto-Lubrication system, no need to do the lubrication manually and regularly.
  • Same cup mold set with normal speed machine, easy to change cup mold.
  • Gear driving overcome the problem of adjusting regularly of the chain driving system.
  • Stepping motor and sensor system ensure the machine running stable and precisely, reduce the waste rate.
  • Dispose the dividing box, adopt the gear motor to make the machine more compact and easier to maintain.