CH12 Automatic Paper Cup Making Machine

The newly designed ZF-CH12  Paper cup making machine is a fully automatic  Paper cup making machine, which can produce different sizes of paper cups with a series of continuous process. It can work at the speed of 85pcs/min stably.

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ZF-800 Paper Box Machine(Paper Carton Erecting Machine)

ZF-800 Paper Box Machine is an ideal choice to produce hamburger boxes,chips boxes,take-out container,etc. It adopts micro-computer, PLC, the vacuum-sucking paper feeding,auto-gluing,automatic paper tape counting,chain driving.

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BZ-550A Thermal Shrink Packing Machine

BZ-550A Automatic Heat Shrink Packing Machine is an ideal choice for packing food, drink packages, gifts and toys.

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ZhongFa Machinery CO., Ltd is located in Rui'an city which has the reputation of "China packaging machinery city.

We adopted "HANCHI" as Registered trademark and company logo.

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of die cutting creasing machine, paper cup machine, paper carton erecting machine, paper plate forming machine, automatic heat shrink packing machine and other accessory machine.

Our company engage in machine design, research, developing, production and upgrading. We adhere to provide the market with quality products and reliable after-sale service, we take them as our basic standard. Customer's satisfaction is deem as the ultimate goal of our company since from R&D to production.

We think highly of customer's feedback and suggestion which is our company's impetus and future.


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